During the summer inside the Sports Complex The Muraglione the A.D.S . SPORTS & HEALTH organizes ACQUAFITNESS for all people, SWIMMING LESSONS and SUMMER CAMPUS for children, boys and girls. Children and young people participating in SUMMER CAMPUS, divided into small groups, have the opportunity to experience various sports activities and acquire the basics, especially tennis and swimming as well as handball, fencing, athletics, dance, football …

It is important that each participant will perform, depending on age and ability, a complete swimming program, a real SWIMMING COURSE.
Do not miss the group games very welcome and expected by the children; everything in the wide green spaces and relaxing Muraglione .
You can also make individual trial lessons. Instructors are also available for private swimming lessons.
All activities are guided by instructors and graduates in Sports Science.


Info and reservations “campus, swimming lessons and acquafitness only”

Valentina: 3343379626

Pablo: 3661955747