THE “FORESTERIA DEL MURAGLIONE” B&B and rooms to let is set in the MURAGLIONE SPORTING CENTRE and is equipped with swimming-pools, tennis courts, five-a-side football pitch, restaurant, summer pizzeria, private parking and nearby stables.
The Muraglione is the old “Gothic Line”, built during World War 2 by the Nazis to stop the American Army advancing towards the north of Italy. It runs nearby our house.
Our house is located in the greenery of the country at the back of the seaside resort of Marina di Carrara one km. away from the beach and the exit of Carrara on the A12 Motorway, between the marble quarries of the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian-Sea coast-line. It is the last strip of land in Tuscany and marks the border with Liguria.
Nearby is the archaeological site of the ancient Roman port of Luni (Lunae). Our house is located on the feature of via Francigena that connects the fortress of Sarzanello, to ancient Luni and Avenza.
In the distance the surround the promontory of Monte Marcello , full of thick Mediterranean vegetation , and the smiling hills planted with vines and olive trees with the ancient medieval villages of Nicola , Ortonovo and Castelnuovo Magra that every day to enhance the beauty of the sunset landscape.
It is a starting point of many different naturalistic, sporting and gastronomic itinera¬ries still to be discovered by mass-tourism. It is the ideal spot to appreciate the beauty of both Tuscany and Liguria or for anybody who prefers a quiet break just for sport and nature.